Just moved out of Paradise and back to the grind of life in the big D. After walking 3 plus miles daily along side Shorebirds  on the beach for one whole year to urbanization. Wowza, I’m finding myself lost in translation once again, but in a good way.  I’m happy and grateful to be back with my family and close friends. But I’m doing things differently now, such as joining a bowling league and starting up another business. I’m excited about my newly released book that I just published, “This is How I Fight my Battles Workbook” In fact, I’m going to do my exercises myself so that I walk the walk that I talk along with you. Here is an excerpt from my workbook and how I’m feeling today.
“However many holy words you read, what good will they do you if you do not act upon them?” Buddha
Self-Control is keeping my commitment of love —being true to my inner soul radiates out into every move I make. Daily my emotional intelligence grows and matures, but I must always check in with myself first: what’s going on with me? So, what do I need to do? Facing my truth within first is what sets me free, allowing my Spirit to lead the way.
“Never to suffer would never to have been blessed” Edgar Allan Poe

Meditation on beach today and I need help as I notice the clouds are not moving, They seem stagnant, (stuck like me) heavy with a silver lining. There’s a strong wind blowing as a storm is about to slowly move in. The wind abruptly stops as I can now feel and sense the total stillness as it settles in such a small tiny rhythm beginning to shift slightly blending all together as one the BLACK sky and GRAY lined WHITE clouds That’s been the changes in my life they have been awfully slow when you can’t even notice them, but bit by bit formation evolves into new form (my new life)


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