"This is How I Fight my Battles Workbook" by Patricia Simon

Today thru December 2. 2019 read my book free online @Amazon. It’s been a year now when I began writing “My Fight Club Within” I was isolated  on an island, a peninsula surrounded by water near people I didn’t know. Including myself. 
It was a moment by moment discovery of boldly crying out from within my deepest desires. My true self had been covered up-buried for so many years that I was clueless in knowing me.
I realized that most of the choices and decisions I was making were all coming from my Adult Ego (mind).
Errr, my frustrating roller coaster of being a puppet on so many peoples strings having my
intellect (fears of past and present thoughts) controlling and running my life. 
My LIGHT finally came on when I began living in the present moment in allowing my SPIRIT from within to lead me. I stopped hiding behind my fake mask of secrets. True transformation for me began St. Paddy's Day 2018  when my teacher Raz said to me on my very first day when I arrived and committed to doing the Hoffman Process  "Patricia, you’re going to be OK.  But, is it is totally up to you for your will to want to learn how to be led by your SPIRIT. It will be a lot of hard work on your part for only you can reprogram your brain. You and only YOU will have to want to change in breaking free from your old behavior patterns.
l share my hearts journey of hard work while peeling through layer by layer daily as I walk this out. My learning of self discovery is totally revealed step by step with how I cope  dramatically in which manner  I now respond to others. Key is, of course is mastering to myself first by changing my behavior.  I feel now my second greatest accomplishment is in my lastest book that goes hand in hand with MFCW  “This is How I Fight my Battles Workbook” Get your copy today on 


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