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🥳Happy New Year!

My Fight Club Within & This is How I Fight my Battles Workbook  book covers displays Spiritual Warfare, Angel & Demon facing each other up in the heavenly atmosphere. A snapshot once taken of a sunset many years ago... I have two chapters 13 & 14-Spiritual Warfare & Soul Awakening describing all about my cover. First looking at the cover one may see total chaos, but after staring, once you actually see it, you totally get it!  This book cover is one of my most prized possession that hangs proudly on my wall over my toilet that reminds me to live and breathe in the moment. Yes, pure comfort of transformation takes place daily by relieving all the toxins from mind & body.. Feeling my feelings shift by being aware is action on my part to face them head on as that voice inside my head seems to never shut up with endless torment of turmoils churning to my core. Healing instantly occurs as the flame/power of my SPIRIT is released and shuts the mind up allo
It’s almost Christmas., loving  🥰  being present (are a few of my favorite things) keeping it real on my peaceful path. So what better way for me to express my true self than to narrate my own book. It doesn't take an audio engineering degree to record my Audiobook on ACX as I narrate “My Fight Club Within”  As I read my introduction yesterday in a small sound proof cubical at WeWork, I see how far I’ve come in one years time.  I think back how just a few months ago that I couldn’t even read without crying or even want to talk about my book to others with all my past wounds still open, raw & bleeding inside my soul.  Being authentic and wanting to change takes a lot of hard work along with internal discipline. Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing alone, the hard work on myself in breaking the patterns that have been keeping the wounds open.  The biggest mistake people make as I write about this in my book is how they jump right back into a relationship

My thoughts in the moment....

My Fight Club Within is 231 pages of my once deeply troubled spirit moving forward, up and out from under my buried secrets of shame. I was in a rut for years by trying to control my immature CHILD, ADULT ego and jittery, tensed up BODY in a prison ring inside my core.  My life consisted of whining, being a know it all, stomping my feet, while ignoring my light, SPIRIT -to peacefully guide my path to freedom. I try to re-capture the fights with my true stories by going back in time so I’m able to redo... Yes, you may go back and rewind with a second chance...  How? Step 1. Awareness ~ if I feel Step 2. Action ~ I can heal Step 3. Allow ~ and be real In “This is How I Fight my Battles Workbook” I give explicit examples with more stories while walking this all out, step by step along side you.  Change, it’s not easy. But is it worth it? Absolutely