It’s almost Christmas., loving 🥰 being present (are a few of my favorite things) keeping it real on my peaceful path. So what better way for me to express my true self than to narrate my own book. It doesn't take an audio engineering degree to record my Audiobook on ACX as I narrate “My Fight Club Within” 

As I read my introduction yesterday in a small sound proof cubical at WeWork, I see how far I’ve come in one years time. 

I think back how just a few months ago that I couldn’t even read without crying or even want to talk about my book to others with all my past wounds still open, raw & bleeding inside my soul. 

Being authentic and wanting to change takes a lot of hard work along with internal discipline. Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing alone, the hard work on myself in breaking the patterns that have been keeping the wounds open. 

The biggest mistake people make as I write about this in my book is how they jump right back into a relationship, bleeding their crap all over the new person. Which is that vicious cycle that I call in my book MFCW on pages 22-25 “The Lonely Clusterfuck Fest

As 2019, an accomplished and peaceful year for me comes to a close... I am so happy and grateful for all those out there in the universe that have generally loved and supported me in all my hard work. 

Most important, my wish for Christmas is that for all of you who have read my books; “My Fight Club Within” & “This is How I Fight my Battles Workbook” That today you will commit and experience that incredible light inside YOU in making your life changes in creating love and peace out for all man kind. 

Yes, I truly believe that you must ask first in order to receive and feel it...That’s how I’ve been staying true in creating my everlasting love with myself.

Merry Christmas 🎄


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