My thoughts in the moment....

My Fight Club Within is 231 pages of my once deeply troubled spirit moving forward, up and out from under my buried secrets of shame. I was in a rut for years by trying to control my immature CHILD, ADULT ego and jittery, tensed up BODY in a prison ring inside my core. 

My life consisted of whining, being a know it all, stomping my feet, while ignoring my light, SPIRIT-to peacefully guide my path to freedom.

I try to re-capture the fights with my true stories by going back in time so I’m able to redo... Yes, you may go back and rewind with a second chance... 


Step 1. Awareness ~ if I feel
Step 2. Action ~ I can heal
Step 3. Allow ~ and be real

In “This is How I Fight my Battles Workbook”
I give explicit examples with more stories while walking this all out, step by step along side you. 

Change, it’s not easy. But is it worth it?



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