Just waking up I had a sweet dream that my mom was alive and I was trying to buy her a Christmas present. It took place in a white winter land village of ornate cookie cutter houses full of happy people. It was so real and funny because she was visiting from out of town and I was with a girlfriend - I don’t know who but she was very exotic with dark hair and that we work out/dance together. I was driving and she suggested we find her a gift at the outlet mall. Inside the store was full of all these big boxes that I was trying to go in between and I was tumbling over in them. I found this hat that looked like a baseball cap, but when I pulled it out it had all these flowers coming out of the top of it. I thought to myself my mom would not like or wear this.  I then lost track of my friend but then text her and she was in a coffee shop making me a desert that looked like pancakes full of syrup dripping over the top. I said let’s share it thinking about all the calories. I thought to myself I will just ask my husband to give me $100 bill to give my mom, cause she loves money. 
Then I woke up by my friends voice asking me if I’d like a coffee as I am now at the beach in St Pete. I  miss my mom but I know she is home where she belongs and at peace. 💕

My Fight Club Within In chapter 12. Death –I write about losing my mom on January 25, 2019 as on that same exact date I shared in writing all the details. 
This morning 1/25/2020, while drinking my coffee and checking out my Facebook memory page newsfeed -5 years later now, this came up...

My mother passed peacefully at 5 PM today. She reached her arms up and held onto me telling me she loves me...it was so moving that the 2 nurses on each side of me stepped back with tears holding onto each other. She wasn't breathing but yet her heart kept beating for like 5 minutes while she kept smiling and trying to talk to me. I will forever cherish those last 5 precious beautiful minutes of my mothers life. Thanks to my beautiful daughter Tatum Mae for making this lasting memory possible for her mom and grams!!!


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