I commit and honor myself full heartily in my first chapter LOVE in My Fight Club Within. This being the miraculous chapter LOVE that epitomizes my steps in transforming my new life of freedom. My journey turning inward by taking those three simple steps-feel, heal & be real. 
In This is How I Fight My Battles Workbook, I share my map in full detail alone side you as we roll up our sleeves, getting a bit dirty down low in bringing our hearts back up to surface for the ultimate- to be led by our SPIRIT!! 
My Fight Club Within audio, soon to be released any moment, narrated by me. Yes, you’ll receive that total connection of oneness as I share my all with you. The hard learned lessons that I will speak, cry, laugh and even sing out to you. 
First 10 to order MFCW audio will receive a free copy of my workbook, This is How I Fight My Battles Workbook, Simply sign up to my email from my website or comment on my blog, FB or Instagram.
Patricia Ann♥️


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