Author Patricia Simon Announces a Book Signing for Her New Self-help Spiritual Book “My Fight Club Within”

American Author Patricia Simon and World Traveler Offers Guidance in Dealing with Life’s
 Struggles will be available for a book signing at Barnes & Noble
 Frisco, TX – February 21, 2020 – Author Patricia Simon, released her debut book, “My Fight Club Within,” on September 12, 2019, to rave reviews from readers. 
Filled with advice from her life’s journey, her advice unfolds creatively.  “This book is packed with information and sage advice. Her words are heartfelt and have an impact. This is one book you do not want to miss.”
Patricia wrote the book to inspire others.  “I was broken after getting out of a relationship with the one that I thought I would spend the rest of my life. So, I had to go
   into my fairytale.”
“My Fight Club Within” takes you on a journey with Simon as she faces her many challenges by practicing every day these three simple steps.
Step 1. Awareness - If I feel Step 2. Action - I can heal Step 3. Allow - and be real
Another factor that Simon faced was overcoming dyslexia to author her first book. “I also learned that having dyslexia is not a disability, but a superpower because I do things differently
  than the rest of the world,” 
Simon is scheduled for a book signing at Barnes & Noble on February 23, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. The address for the event is 2601 Preston Road, Unit 1204, Frisco, TX. Her book and workbook, “This is How I Fight My Battles” will be available for purchase on Amazon and Ingramsparks..
About the Author
Patricia grew up on the East Coast, and resides in Dallas, Texas 
Official Website: Email:


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