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I love my life living in the moment as I surrender and go with embracing the flow of events that keeps me grounded.
This past Friday, February 7th was one of those perfect sunshiny days. Just found out the best news -got my date for a book signing (February 23 at 2:00pm) in one of the most beautiful Barnes & Noble’s in Frisco Texas. Made my hair appointment with Hair by Curtis for the next morning, then photo shoot at noon to have JPEG pics for B&N to advertise. 
Got some groceries from Wholefoods and had some sushi at my favorite blue Fish restaurant.
Got on the freeway to head home around 7 PM, as I was drivin  in the right lane a SUV came speeding to the right side towards me as I had no choice but to take the curb. I laid on my horn as I prepared for the worst. There was no time to take a picture of the license plate that sped away in the dark. All I could do was hold down on my horn and take the blow of the right side of my car.
I believe it was two things that saved my life. My horn and the curb. Had it been a wall, I would’ve been smashed.
I’m thankful that it was just two tires and four rims that I had to replace. 
Yes life still goes on as I continue to embrace and love all my connections with family and friends. They came to my rescue, waited with me for the tow truck, and then drove me and my groceries home. 

I love my life and am eternally grateful for all of you that are in it with me. Love & Happiness 


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