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While boarding the SW plane home from paradise on a full flight, I spotted a flight attendant standing in a middle seat between two men in the emergency exit row. With a big smile as I spotted a fit for my overhead bag, I asked her if she was sitting in that seat for the flight. She said no, this seat is very special waiting just for you. The guy in end seat quickly stood up and put my suitcase up above for me. I already had a movie picked out on my iPad to make the flight go by faster. However, from the moment I sat down the best conversation between us three transpired with no need to view my iPhone or iPad  except to show off pics of my kids. 
It began with big smiles, laughter and leg room. They were both amazed at how they had just asked flight attendant to find them a woman 5’4, 90 -100 pounds to sit in between. Then I appeared in a few moments right after as she stood in front of seat between them. 
Law of Attraction. It works beautifully when I live out my practice of Awareness—if I feel, Action—I can heal, and Allow myself to be real.
These are my 3 steps written through-out My Fight Club Within and This is How I Fight My Battles Workbook. Spirit led living in the moment. This is how I live life now. 
When I finally extended my inner self out to the universe was I able to receive, embrace and engage experiencing that oh so wonderfully fabulous moment and that love that is right there within my reach. (MFCW p19)
High in the sky sharing with my new friends that I am a non-fiction, self published author who has recently written 2 books and also narrated my Audio of MFCW soon to be released. 
How deep and raw for me in actually reading, crying and singing out loud for hours into a microphone all my very own words, when I only see pictures- I have dyslexia. 
I removed my mask by breathing in awareness. I stopped running away avoiding my true-self pretending to be normal like everyone else. 
I now fit in perfectly no matter where I am. 
MY SPIRIT of super-endless and timeless power covers all within my body with light. Healing begins. Allowing me to truly be my authentic self. (MFCWp144)
This is how I fight my battles. 
✈️🥊❤️Patricia Ann


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