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"My Fight Club Within" Audiobook is out, 61/2 hours narrated by me --Patricia Simon

I am so excited to be able to give out my MFCW audiobook free To all my fabulous beautiful family and friends who consistently attend my book Signings and readings cheering me on. The Barnes & Noble kitchen in Shops of Legacy West was such a blast. Having my sweet precious Mary ann, my daughter Tatum, husband Bobby’s mom wearing her big hats is my biggest fan keeping everyone entertained in the audience durning my breaks. I am now ready and fired up to do a Ted talk. As I will continue to do my tour of signings in cool places that will be announced. Reach out to me by email if you would like to be a part of my personal MFCW book club and receive a free copy of “This is How I Fight My Battles Workbook” Its a group of people that desire to connect and be better together. Click here for Audiobook...  In gratitude, Patricia Ann  πŸ™πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ˜˜❤️πŸ₯Š

"My Fight Club Within" Audiobook is available now by; Patricia Simon Narrated by me....

This Sunday, March 8 -3-6 PM...If you’re in Texas come see me at the beautiful new Barnes & Noble kitchen, located in The Shops of Legacy West, Plano, Tx. With every book purchased there or even online - receive a free “My Fight Club Within” Audiobook narrated by me, Patricia Simon...come see me!!!