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How am I coping in lockdown and learning how to honestly live with my dyslexia.? This has been one of the most drastic changes of my life. After all, I had spent a large portion of my life since the age of ten till last September, 2019 living In denial.  I guess you could say that the easy part was finally admitting that I have dyslexia-(although to be perfectly honest with you and myself, I totally forgot that I even had it) I simply was numb in hiding it and busy performing for everybody else. 

Today, my hard work has begun taking root in first acknowledging by going back to my childhood. Yes back to that very same day when I said goodbye to myself and became daddy’s little girl acting out how he wanted me to be. All because my dad was embarrassed and ashamed the day I was diagnosed. So he made me promise to pretend that I was normal like everybody else and there was nothing wrong with me. All that time- all those years and now for the first time ever I am experiencing the time of my life. How? By simply being and discovering me - my true self.

I am so done with my energy being waisted performing to fit into your world...Those days are gone! 

What have I learned? I have learned that because I don’t see words, reading something to take in or to learn on any subject matter is impossible for me. Words are but a scrambled mess -In my head  I see pictures, and stories just as a roll of film going through my brain and stored- I know I have millions of them but now I know how to use them as power instead of keeping them silent. Yes, I have my own lyrics and I am dancing my moves for my beautiful life. I’m being me. 

Yes, self discovery in studying myself has become the most fabulous experience allowing me to accomplish things that I never would’ve or couldn’t imagined. 

There is no way I could’ve ever gotten through this isolation time -Coronavirus had I not pressed on in becoming true to myself. 

How did I do this? By taking one year away from family & friends and devoting it to myself. (Gave me peace of mind) I moved to a peninsula living on the beach, (which fed my soul) Working full-time in dance & fitness (nourished my body) volunteering at a Children’s Hospital once a week.(Filled my heart) 

I gave my all in writing “My Fight Club Within” & “This is How I Fight My Battles Workbook” 
These books took me a year to write. I wrote them for me to get better as a life time commitment to myself. 

I want to share my journey of hard work so that you may have this change that can manifest in your life today. 

You can read or listen to ”My Fight Club Within” in 61/2 hours. Commit to all of the assignments in “This is How I Fight my Battles Workbook” 

There is nothing more beautiful than discovering, blossoming and becoming your true authentic self. 


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