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Patricia Simon, a Dallas debutante looks through the window of dyslexia with a smile as she masters her newfound talent as a writer. A Fitness Coach and Rhythm & Soul instructor who read countless self-help books, never finding the real connection desperately needed for her world, finally discovering that help would have to come from within...

And setting the stage to write her first book, "My Fight Club Within."
A Non-Fiction Author who writes about her struggles while acquainting the reader with her journey of discovery within herself.  She chose to fight her battles and disclose it all in "My Fight Club Within."  She holds nothing back, divulging truth on every page of her story, sharing her many heartfelt adventures throughout the world and journeys of her spirit.

Patricia Simon presents her story in this practical self-help guide. A non-fiction author who writes about her struggles while embarking on a worthy journey of discovery within herself. She chose to fight her battles and disclose it all in "My Fight Club Within." She will hold nothing back, divulging every part of her story while sharing her many wild adventures in her journey throughout the universe.


“A splashy poolside tell-all blended perfectly with the hard-earned lessons of a seasoned and thriving survivor; Patricia Ann will win your heart and make you a better person in the process. A wild ride, a warm hug, an honest and crystal clear view through the eyes of a true-hearted beauty. Just try to put it down!”~Elizabeth A.


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