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I love my life living in the moment as I surrender and go with embracing the flow of events that keeps me grounded. This past Friday, February 7th was one of those perfect sunshiny days. Just found out the best news -got my date for a book signing (February 23 at 2:00pm) in one of the most beautiful Barnes & Noble’s in Frisco Texas. Made my hair appointment with Hair by Curtis for the next morning, then photo shoot at noon to have JPEG pics for B&N to advertise.  Got some groceries from Wholefoods and had some sushi at my favorite blue Fish restaurant. Got on the freeway to head home around 7 PM, as I was drivin  in the right lane a SUV came speeding to the right side towards me as I had no choice but to take the curb. I laid on my horn as I prepared for the worst. There was no time to take a picture of the license plate that sped away in the dark. All I could do was hold down on my horn and take the blow of the right side of my car. I believe it was two things that saved my …

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While boarding the SW plane home from paradise on a full flight, I spotted a flight attendant standing in a middle seat between two men in the emergency exit row. With a big smile as I spotted a fit for my overhead bag, I asked her if she was sitting in that seat for the flight. She said no, this seat is very special waiting just for you. The guy in end seat quickly stood up and put my suitcase up above for me. I already had a movie picked out on my iPad to make the flight go by faster. However, from the moment I sat down the best conversation between us three transpired with no need to view my iPhone or iPad except to show off pics of my kids.  It began with big smiles, laughter and leg room. They were both amazed at how they had just asked flight attendant to find them a woman 5’4, 90 -100 pounds to sit in between. Then I appeared in a few moments right after as she stood in front of seat between them.  Law of Attraction. It works beautifully when I live out my practice of Awareness—i…


Just waking up I had a sweet dream that my mom was alive and I was trying to buy her a Christmas present. It took place in a white winter land village of ornate cookie cutter houses full of happy people. It was so real and funny because she was visiting from out of town and I was with a girlfriend - I don’t know who but she was very exotic with dark hair and that we work out/dance together. I was driving and she suggested we find her a gift at the outlet mall. Inside the store was full of all these big boxes that I was trying to go in between and I was tumbling over in them. I found this hat that looked like a baseball cap, but when I pulled it out it had all these flowers coming out of the top of it. I thought to myself my mom would not like or wear this.  I then lost track of my friend but then text her and she was in a coffee shop making me a desert that looked like pancakes full of syrup dripping over the top. I said let’s share it thinking about all the calories. I thought to my…

Book Signings and MFCW audio

So excited to release “My Fight Club Within” Audio, by; Patricia Simon and will be distributing it soon on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. I finally finished it after many long hours at WeWork... it’s been a long process as I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s me. My voice, yes you’re getting all me, When doing my own audio it’s very emotional because I’m speaking from the heart❤️ -it’s a very raw and emotional experience. I hope you all enjoy its coming out soon.   Https://  If you’re in the area, come see me as today I’m in Florida doing 
Book signings;  Today 24 of Jan 4-7pm  RumFish 6000 Gulf Blvd. St Pete Beach
Tuesday, 28 of Jan 1-3pm  Cafe Soleil,  4695 Gulf Blvd. St Pete Beach. 
Friday, 31 of Jan-Feb 2 (all weekend)  Rosen Shingle Creek Resort  9939 Universal Blvd. Orlando, Florida

Get ready to experience Moon River Free with me....

Finishing up the final touches on my audio,  My Fight Club Within  hopefully have available on Amazon by the end of next week. 
I’m beginning my next project in updating my with promoting my latest  published Paperback; This is How I Fight my Battles Workbook that goes hand and glove as a personal guide and  journal equipped with everything needed to keep you focused on your freedom path. 
Being a dancer, wellness and fitness coach is my passion. Absolutely love watching the beautiful life changing results that transpire and transcend when one commits to change. Oh yes, I now have confirmation and proof that these products work. I'm so excited!
Get your copy today of This is How I Fight my Battles Workbook and receive a free personal workshop as my gift to you!  simply send me an email that you got it!  Https:// ❤️Joy & Happiness! 

🥳Happy New Year!

My Fight Club Within & This is How I Fight my Battles Workbook book covers displays Spiritual Warfare, Angel & Demon facing each other up in the heavenly atmosphere. A snapshot once taken of a sunset many years ago... I have two chapters 13 & 14-Spiritual Warfare & Soul Awakening describing all about my cover.
First looking at the cover one may see total chaos, but after staring, once you actually see it, you totally get it! 
This book cover is one of my most prized possession that hangs proudly on my wall over my toilet that reminds me to live and breathe in the moment. Yes, pure comfort of transformation takes place daily by relieving all the toxins from mind & body..
Feeling my feelings shift by being aware is action on my part to face them head on as that voice inside my head seems to never shut up with endless torment of turmoils churning to my core. Healing instantly occurs as the flame/power of my SPIRIT is released and shuts the mind up allowing me to be real…
It’s almost Christmas., loving 🥰 being present (are a few of my favorite things) keeping it real on my peaceful path. So what better way for me to express my true self than to narrate my own book. It doesn't take an audio engineering degree to record my Audiobook on ACX as I narrate “My Fight Club Within” 
As I read my introduction yesterday in a small sound proof cubical at WeWork, I see how far I’ve come in one years time. 
I think back how just a few months ago that I couldn’t even read without crying or even want to talk about my book to others with all my past wounds still open, raw & bleeding inside my soul. 
Being authentic and wanting to change takes a lot of hard work along with internal discipline. Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing alone, the hard work on myself in breaking the patterns that have been keeping the wounds open. 
The biggest mistake people make as I write about this in my book is how they jump right back into a relationship, bleeding their crap …